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HomeStyle Menu

MagicKitchen.com meals are all about eating healthy and chef prepared meals without having to sacrifice flavor. The meals available all come with some customized variations, and allow you to be in complete control of what you’re eating. No matter what your dietary needs may be, Magic Kitchen has plenty of choices that will meet your needs. This menu includes items that are portion controlled, diabetic friendly and low in sodium. There are also several meal bundles that can be purchased including the dessert bundle, family size meals bundle, Italian lovers bundle, kid friendly bundle and many more.

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Complete Meals Menu

Our Senior Meal Packs are designed to provide meals that have 1/3 of the daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients for a standard 2000 calorie per day diet. 

Originally the business was started to offer healthy nutritious, simple meals for seniors, busy families and singles that did not want to cook, did not have the time to cook or did not know how to cook. We have always had the MagicKitchen.com A la Carte menu to be used to select gifts for family and friends in need of meals. Soon a good portion of our business was focused on ongoing meal programs for our rapidly growing regular customer base. i.

After a couple years the focus was more and more on special diets, initially low fat, low carb, etc. and then very soon low sodium, diabetic friendly, renal diet friendly as well as dialysis friendly meals. With the special diets category of meals our separate Complete Meals Menu was developed.

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