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Wheels on Meals-Meals for Seniors


beef lasagnaNot only does aging affect our bodies, our minds, and our relationships, it also affects our nutritional status. Many seniors become uninterested in food and cooking, threatening their own well-being.

Numerous benefits of a healthy diet and proper nutrition include: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems.

To have a healthy lifestyle, a good diet should be combined with regular moderate exercise. This can include walking, swimming or dancing. Exercise helps control your appetite and hence your weight, strengthens your heart, blood vessels, lungs and bones, and helps you sleep.

Wheels on Meals offers a full line of healthy, balanced meals that are tasty and best of all meet rigorous health and dietary requirements. We provide delicious meals for the elderly, chronic care meals, and meals for people who are simply too busy with life to cook!

 Our meals are part of a balanced meal program based on 2000 calories/day, dietician approved and doctor recommended!

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