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Frequently asked Questions- Wheels on Meals

Q. What are the differences between you and Meals on Wheels?

  1. Meals on Wheels can have a waiting list to apply. We have no waiting list! Just call us toll-free at 877-516-2442, and the meals will be on the way. Or order here.
  2. Eligibility requirements: Usually a person must be housebound and unable to prepare meals to receive Meals on Wheels. Our meals have no requirements and no restrictions!
  3. Meals on Wheels provides nutritionally balanced, home delivered meals.We provide nutritionally balanced, home delivered meals that are just more delicious.
  4. Meals on Wheels delivers once a day, usually two meals with limited choices. We deliver one or two weeks worth of meals at a time. Just pop them in the freezer (they don't take up much room), and select whichever meals you would like to eat!
  5. Meals on Wheels is a very good program for many people, and we applaud them and their volunteers for the service they provide. We are a healthy, tasty and affordable alternative. Take the taste challenge and we know you will be pleased. We take orders via the telephone, toll-free at 877-516-2442, or online.

Q. How many servings are in each meal?

A. Our meals are designed to provide you with 1/3 of the USDA’s daily adult nutritional requirements. Each meal brings a protein entrée, accompanied by 2 perfectly portioned sides.

Q. Are your photos of the actual food?

A. Yes, our photography reflects the actual product you'll receive at home! And they show the exact portion size too. Sometimes we shoot the photographs with extra vegetables; in those cases, we mention that fact in the description of the meal..

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