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Wheels on Meals-Diabetic Meals


beef barley soupOur diabetic-friendly meals will assist you in maintaining an adequate nutritional intake to meet the needs for your age and your medical condition(s), especially if you are having difficulties preparing your own meals at home.

By enhancing your nutritional health you will prevent any health deterioration and loss of independence. In other words, this could assist you in maintaining a good quality of life!

Good nutrition is the key to better health. A healthy diet provides you with a way of eating which reduces risk for complications such as heart disease and stroke. Healthy eating includes a wide variety of well-balanced food groups. There is no one perfect food, therefore, including these different food groups, while watching portion sizes is key for a healthy diet.

Good nutrition has been proven to keep adults healthier, stronger and out of hospitals and nursing homes longer. In an effort to keep you healthier, we have designed our diabetic meals to help you achieve just that! Wheels on Meals is committed to enhancing your nutritional health by providing you with delicious, low fat, low sodium and carbohydrate controlled meals delivered right to your door.

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