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Wheels on Meals-Frozen Meals Delivered Across the USA!

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moneyback guarantee Wheels on Meals delivers delicious meals for seniors and others. These are available in two menus, A la Carte or Complete Meals. See our How to Order page for more detail. These are delicious meals created by chefs and nutritionists.

Our Wheels on Meals are easy to prepare, no need to dirty pots and pans. You don't have to find a restaurant to eat delicious meals.


This website, Wheels on Meals, is a private company that was created to provide quality, tasty and nutritious meals to seniors and busy families.

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Two Menus to Serve You!

HomeStyle Menu

Handmade without preservatives, great tasting, with a wide selection for one to eight people. Order mains, sides, soups, desserts separately or in bundles.

mk mealsComplete Meals Menu

Great tasting meals for a variety of special dietary requirements. Full meals with a main and two sides. In packs of 7 meals, or as individual meals.

Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

From our HomeStyle menu, our homemade fettucini and plump shrimp cloaked in a flavorful cream and parmesan cheese sauce is authentic and pleasing. Just serve with a salad and some crusty bread to sop up all the delicious sauce! Bring the taste of Italy to your table without shopping, cooking, or cleaning!

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Beef Brisket

Tender hand-trimmed brisket is smoked with hickory until perfectly tender, then a light baste of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce is added. This serves 2 or 4, and is from our A la Carte Menu. You may want to also order some side dishes and a dessert.

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Chicken Parmigiana, Rice & Carrots

From our Complete Meals Menu, this is a complete meal with a main and two sides. These meals are portion-controlled, serve one, and are perfect for special dietary needs. Read more here.

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